Welcome Welcome! I’m Nikki, and I’m so glad you stopped by to hang out with me. I truly enjoy great company and great convo!  Yes!!  First off, I want to make it very clear that this site is for both men and women! So don’t be thrown off by the girly decor on the site. I couldn’t help myself.  So Ladies and Gents, get all comfy on the couch with coffee, tea or whatever floats your boat and get ready to be stimulated, encouraged, and equipped to do relationships God’s way!




A Little About Me

So you’re curious about the lady behind the vision eh? Where do I even begin? In a nutshell, I’m a passionate, quirky, silly, loving, always smiling, lil lady from the south. I love, love, love God and people! I make it my priority to bring a smile and offer encouragement to those whom I encounter. 

I am single, and a Mom to two amazing children. I enjoy writing, praise dancing, cooking, homemaking, learning new things, reading and much more. I have always enjoyed being an inspiration to others and I am so excited about this new journey! Thank you so much for joining me! Are you all as excited as me? I sure hope so!


About When He Writes The Story…

Welcome, Again! I know, I know,  I’ve welcomed you at least one hundred times by now.  I’m just that excited to be sharing this journey with all of you! Imagine me jumping on the couch like Tom Cruise. That’s the level of my excitement! So let’s jump right into it shall we. Ha Ha….jump. You see what I did there? Okay….okay…..I digress. What inspired me to create, “When HE Writes The Story?”  The answer is simple, YOU! Your heart matters to me. Your happiness matters to me. Your relationships matter to me. Why? Because they matter to God; therefore they matter to me. God has given me a strong passion for relationships and seeing them prosper. Why? The purpose behind Godly relationships is so powerful and they should be approached carefully and seriously. I know we all can attest to the countless conversations we have had with family and friends about relationships and how they appear to be becoming more and more difficult to successfully carry out. You may be the one who’s worn out from one failed relationship after another. You may have lost faith in loyalty and commitment after experiencing a broken heart. Perhaps past rejection has caused you to become passive when pursuing relationships. Or you may be one who just simply doesn’t know where to begin in regards to finding the one who will love you as Christ desires. Well rest assured loved ones, we are going to tackle all of that.  It is my desire to create a place where we can encourage, share and support one another in regards to doing relationships God’s way. You will find that with the right preparation, a bit of equipping, education, and a whole lot of prayer you can and will have the relationship your heart seeks. It’s what the Father desires and wills that you have. So who’s ready to allow God to write your love story? Are you done doing it your way? If you answered YES to both, come on aboard!

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