Greetings my Lovebugs!!! It has been so long since I last wrote a blog post! I’m back and truly missed all of you! With all the time that has passed, writing material is surely not an issue. I have decided to share a recent event that had folks hitting my DM with all sorts of emotions in tow. I told you all I would be honest and forth coming about my journey back into Singleness, and that means I open myself up to share my raw feelings as I experience them. 


Let’s just jump right on in, shall we! Yes, it’s true! My Ex Husband is now newly engaged! And No, it’s no secret to me. I am very much aware of it! My friends and family are just so precious. So many were concerned and made it a point to check in and make sure I wasn’t in some dark room, slowly sliding down a wall. Ha!  


No, it’s nothing of the sort! I was expecting it, and had plenty of time to process it before it actually became reality. I am honestly happy for him and his fiancee’, whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently. I pray many blessings befall them and their future union.


Now, I will be honest and say that upon first hearing the news, it did put me in a strange head space. It was like I was forced to once again come to grips that I really am a divorced woman. Just how the word sound…makes me feel some kind of way. As mentioned in previous posts, I never saw myself here. This was NEVER supposed to happen to me. Nevertheless, thanks be to God for the mighty things he has done to get me to this place of healing, acceptance, newness and expectation. I’m enjoying rediscovering myself, growing as a woman and growing closer to Christ.


Life’s test can be our greatest teacher if we allow ourselves to embrace the lessons. Because of my experiences, I now have greater understanding, more wisdom and keen knowledge concerning God’s blueprint for a Godly relationship. God wastes nothing, I have learned MUCH! It is my mission to help you to be prepared, equipped and ready when your Sweet Thang, Boo, Sugar Bear, Warrior, whatever you call them comes knocking on your heart’s door. Remember, we only want to do this ONE time, so we must do the work to make sure we are READY.


Of course this recent engagement caused others to pry into the happenings of my life just a bit. The people were wanting to know if I had any announcements. Umm…no. Ha! I’m constantly being told that if I simply put myself out there, it will happen. I can’t count the times I have heard that because of the type of woman I am, simply putting myself out there will make all the difference. How sweet. I’m so flattered many have such warm and kind thoughts concerning me.  I know people must be really hot with me, because I ain’t put myself out there in any way. LOLOLOL…  


I honestly don’t feel I have to do anything special. I meet really nice guys in random places.  I truly believe God is fully capable of connecting the dots. I like to think of it as God having me hidden until he flashes the green light for my ONE. I just need for whomever this man is to stay at the Father’s feet so he won’t miss any promptings! Ha! That jump shot should be perfected by now! I won’t be shy about giving it a 10! Ha! Cause I know God has been purging, pruning and adding to my One. I know what he is doing on this end , so I readily assume it’s on and popping on his end. I truly believe He is not allowing anyone but the ONE access to me. It will be in his timing and I will know. I trust him completely.


This time around your girl ain’t skipping any steps. I’m “sced” you hear me. Not scared, but “sced.” That’s another level! Ha! No, but seriously, I just owe it to myself and whom God sends to be discerning. I want him to truly have every part of me. I don’t want to be giving myself away mentally, emotionally, spiritually and certainly not physically to anyone other than whom God sends. So until he enters the scene I will continue to guard my heart in preparation for him.


So lovelies, I am well! I am doing great! Don’t worry or fret. God has dealt with my heart and I have nothing but blessings and kind thoughts regarding the engagement of my Ex.  I am so appreciative of all the love, concern and more!


Stay tuned for some new things coming up! Finally! I will be adding vlogs as well as a few products that will be available for purchase soon.  I’m excited to soon share them with you all! I love you all and remember, give God that pen and allow him to write a love story you never imagined was possible! Many Blessings!

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