Hello Beautiful People!!! I hope everyone is doing amazing! Today is Transparent Tuesday and I almost opted to not post today. Honestly my mind has been all over the place and I had no clue what in the world I would share. So I decided to just grab my laptop and see what happened! Yikes!!


”What’s on your heart girl?”  How am I feeling about singleness, relationships and love in this very moment? Bingo. The father just downloaded the info. A clear message that God has been speaking to me, is that of guarding your heart. Our hearts are so precious and valuable to God. Recognizing how costly they are, goes a long way.


Me and one of my nephews were playing a game and the card he pulled for me asked, “What’s the most expensive thing you own?” Now most would begin to sift through material possessions such as one’s car, house, jewelry, etc. But as I pondered the question, my answer was, “My heart.” My heart is the most expensive thing I own.  Why? Because whom I chose to share it with, sets the tone for my future, my destiny and more. It is through it that I can feel and experience God’s unconditional love. As a result, I can then extend and express that same love to others


In terms of relationships, God has and is continuing to teach me to be very careful of whom I allow into my heart. Not just anyone has been pre-packaged to be my King, my warrior, my protector, my friend, my lover and more. And he is teaching me to recognize fairly early if they are someone that I should invest time in. He won’t allow me to waste time and I’m grateful for that.


People are always so shocked that I still haven’t went on a date since becoming single again. They try to hook me up and all kinds of stuff. Here’s the thing… I’m not a casual dater. I don’t do the dating thing.  If we are talking on that level it’s because there is something about you that causes me to think you have the relationship with God and the qualities I admire and desire.


I’m seeing more than dinner, netflix chill dates, etc. I’m asking myself, does he have the heart of the Father…can I build with you, grow with you, and most importantly can I trust you with my heart? I’m not thinking…”Well …we will just have fun and see what happens.”  I’m thinking in terms of the future if I let you in my space in that way. And yes, I’m checking off stuff in my head and heart as we move along! Ha! I know guys do the same!


That being said, I’m human and there are times he will have to flat out show me that what I thought was possibly a go, was NOT. And I’m so grateful that I’m in a place where I have surrendered my own will(Not Easy) and let him lead and guide me.


Our hearts are not meant to be given away frivolously. We are not meant to jump from one relationship to the next, each time sharing pieces of that which was meant for his Best. This is why so many are so tired,  drained and don’t have much to give in relationships. Keep that heart on reserve for HIS best. Don’t nobody have time for unnecessary struggles.


God is a good God and does all things WELL. You can trust him with your heart. He is the lover of your soul and wants what’s best for you. If we ask and allow him to transform us into the woman or man our future spouse needs, believe that he will! And when you two meet…lawd have mercy!!!!!! Somebody hand me the church fan! Hand it to me NOW I say! 🙂


Remember, he already knows who they are. He knows who bests connects with you. He knows who will love and respect you according to his will and your needs. So he is preparing you, strengthening you, and equipping you to be what your spouse needs. And he is preparing them as well.


Don’t allow his Best to receive less of you because you allowed weak moments to have you caught up in situations you know you had no business in. It’s not worth it. They deserve ALL of you, not fragments.


The contents within your heart are on reserve for the one who has the key to unlock and unfold the jewels within. Honey, I got some jewels I’m ready to share. I have respectfully and obediently kept these things in storage for him. And only he has access to it. I won’t share them until you get here Sweetie! Ha! Y’all know by now my silliness gets out of control at times!


On those days in which my mind thinks how awesome it would be to have someone to share certain moments with now, I take it to God. I let him know how I’m feeling. I pray for strength. And I thank him for his love, guidance and patience. And he always gets me together. It don’t take away me wanting the boo..lolololol. But he fills that space with his love and I am able to continue to trust and wait patiently,


Wow….first I have no idea what I am going to say and now I’m having to cut myself off because this post is becoming too long. Look at God! Heyyyy!!Ha!


I encourage all of you to guard those precious hearts. They are valuable! They are costly! Be very prayerful in regards to whom you give it to. That one choice can determine so much in regards to your future. Choose wisely!!!!  I love you all! Many Blessings!


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