Hello Hello! Praying everyone is doing just dandy! I’m doing amazing! It’s Transparent Tuesday! (Inserts applause and cheers) If you have been following my blog, you understand that it’s a day I have set aside to share something personal regarding this single journey. It’s an opportunity to be transparent about things I am learning in my singleness and how God is preparing me for his best! So let’s jump right in shall we!

Oftentimes I start my Tuesday posts off by stating how uncomfortable and anxious I am about sharing, but today….whooooaahhh…this one beats them all by far. I have almost talked myself out of it several times….but NOPE..moving forward because I love you guys! I am convinced God has a purpose in me doing so and that’s what it’s all about for me! 

So let me take a few deep breaths, kick my feet up and tuck my blanket around my waist. Can y’all tell I so enjoy painting the picture? It made you feel like you were here with me right? I know it did! Okay, so where should I start…..

The last few weeks have been quite interesting. Interesting in that during these last two months a gentleman has been showing interest and making it known he wants to get to know me. Now that in itself is not a rare occasion. But the difference in this case was that there were certainly things about this man that made me take notice as well. 

Now mind you, prior to this, several individual’s had been sharing that God’s best was on the way. I had received words from family and a couple of friend’s telling me to be ready and so forth. In my personal prayer time, God was sharing the same message. So I’m like okay God…I will just continue to prepare and be sure I stay close to you.

I have learned the importance of being content with where God had me and my main priority was to stay connected to him and follow his lead.  Most who really know me know I don’t cut corners in that regard. I want HIS best!

Okay….so as I mentioned, the last two months a gentleman whom I crossed paths with, very respectfully began to start conversation with me. The conversation remained platonic other than him recently expressing he wants to take me out for some coffee! No he didn’t! HA! Those who know me also know I enjoy a good cup of Joe!  He certainly had the right idea!

Through conversation, I found that we had soooo….much in common. I’m talking so much in common that I begin to feel like this has to be a joke. Not to mention he was not so bad on the eyes. Sounds great right!

Well… I began to ask God to peel back the layers. I asked him to allow me to take note of what I needed to know to determine if this was someone I could allow in my space. Yes, he is easy to talk to, we have a lot in common and he is a super friendly individual…but does he have your heart Father? Is he designed to love ME? Will he get ME?  Do our hearts beat for the same things? Do we connect spiritually? Because these things HAVE to be in place.

As I began to ponder these things….God begin to indeed peel back some layers. I began to see that although this was a good man, with qualities that I admire, a smile and a personality that was indeed appealing to me, it was not something I should pursue. 

Did a part of me want to pretend like I needed to give it some time…Of course. And there were a few things that I found myself almost willing to overlook, but God’s voice, presence and instruction was so strong. No matter what thoughts crept in my mind, HIS thoughts rang the loudest. He was not going to allow me to settle. He was not going to allow me to miss or overlook things that could potentially be compromising.

He kept reminding me of the prayers I prayed unto him. He reminded me of all I endured to get to this place of peace, healing and joy!  He reminded me of what he wanted for me. He reminded me of this blog and the vision he has for it. I had to do it right! I deserved it and you guys do also. I have come too far! This guy was a great guy, but simply was not his choice.

I have often heard that the counterfeit comes RIGHT before the real thing! I don’t think that idea is too far away from the truth. The timing of things was right around the time I began to get these messages and God began to speak concerning his plans to bring someone into my life.  This fact made it so easy to feel like, “Could this be it?” Without God’s wisdom and direction one could easily find themselves in a situation that causes them to get off track and waste time in a situation that could further delay his plan for your life. And let’s face it, if you have been patiently waiting and preparing for his Best…unnecessary delays is not what you want. No way, no how!

So Singles, hearing the voice of God and taking heed to his prompting is KEY! Don’t desire something so much that you find yourself moving outside of God’s will and timing to receive it.  If you find yourself catching feelings, immediately take those emotions to God, and ask him for clearance. Trust me, he will show you if someone is meant to be in your life and he will do it swiftly!  In my situation I had not allowed things to get to the point of catching feelings. But I did find myself entertaining the idea.

If God reveals they are not the one, don’t hesitate to respond accordingly!  How can God bless you with his promise if Ishmael is in their spot? So there you have it….my Transparent Tuesday!   I pray it encourages you to continue to wait for the one God made just for you! I pray it encourages you to be wise and discerning concerning who you allow in your life. God knows what and who you need and will bring it about in his timing!

This situation has caused me to see just how much God loves me and how he truly wants to bless me with his best! He kept tugging on my heart and would not allow me to become comfortable with the situation.  Even though a lot of things were seemingly checking out God made it clear…”I have another…”. And Of course I trust and Know it to be true! He Knows best and I want what he has and wants for me! So I guess that means the Real Deal must be around the corner huh?????!!! Many Blessings!! 🙂

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