Hello, Hello! Oh my goodness, it has been way too long since I have posted a blog post! My laptop decided to go on vacation, so unfortunately I have not been posting the last couple of weeks. But never fear, I have continued to let those creative juices flow and I have lots of fun and informative blogs coming your way! 

Annoying as it was to not be able to post twice a week, it has provided the opportunity to solidify the vision for this website as well as come up with some amazing ideas for the site! So in a sense, it was break that had it’s perks and in no way was in vain! I’m so excited!

I have missed quite a few Transparent Tuesdays, so of course I will be getting you all caught up to speed in regards to how I’m maximizing my singleness and what I am doing to continue to prepare myself to be the BEST me I can be for the man God has for me. Things have been amazing here lately! Yayy! I will be posting a blog post tomorrow so stay tuned. Thank you all for your patience. I missed you all and so excited about sharing my heart, thoughts and experiences with you all! Many Blessings!!!

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