Hello Hello! Happy Tuesday! I pray that you all have had a blessed and productive day! It’s transparent Tuesday for me. Y’all know what that means. It’s my day to be transparent and share some happenings from my life. In doing so, I truly pray that it encourages and blesses you.

As I stilled myself and asked God what he desired I share, what came to mind caught me off guard. I winced and even thought, “Really Lord, is that what you desire of me today?” But all the less, I grabbed my laptop and began.

I felt God’s nudging to create this site in the midst of me learning to adjust to my new normal. It was during a time in which I was determined to find the beauty in a situation that was difficult. A situation I knew God was desiring to use for his glory. So after getting past all the hindering thoughts that were trying to scare me out of moving forward with this site, I created it. I designed the website and created the content. I committed to posting weekly and launched it.

But what most didn’t know is that I did a “soft” launch as opposed to a full launch. In other words, everyone was not immediately given access. I didn’t mind strangers who just happened to stumble across my blog, but it was certain individuals whom I felt would be shocked to find that I was now single and had been so for some time without their knowledge. I didn’t want people gossiping or having a field day regarding what might have happened and so forth. I’m a very private person, so to open up myself in such a way was tough.

So my launch day approached. I was both excited and nervous.  I started thinking about all kinds of scenarios and what others would possibly think about my situation and me. I became a bit timid and wondered if I should reconsider this whole blog. I instead chose to select my audience when posting about my blog on Facebook. I only allowed those who already knew or those closest to me to have access to my posts regarding my blog. I told myself this was just a “soft” launch. It would give me time to create more content for the blog. I told myself that when I did my full launch there would be several posts available, and that would be better. But in my heart I knew I was still feeling antsy about letting everyone in like that.

Yesterday during my prayer time, God called me out on that. I knew it was coming. Because I knew I had no right to do that. This was something God placed within me. This was something he desired to use, and how dare I let my fear interfere with what he wanted to do with this site. So yesterday, he said it was time to let go of that fear. He said there are things that can only be unlocked once I do that. So of course I knew I had to.

So today as I asked God what to share, he immediately prompted me to share this. I knew that was his way of saying, today you are getting free. You are releasing the fear. You are releasing caring about what others think.  I didn’t kick or fight against his will. I too am ready to let go of this fear.  I understand that my main focus is to keep putting out the content as God reveals and bring him glory. So today I will not be selecting my audience.

Am I nervous? Maybe a little. But I’m also excited. I’m excited to see what he does with my obedience. I know there are things that will be unlocked as a result. This is God’s blog. I’m only a vessel he is using. I am putting my feelings aside for his names sake. And I’m excited about it!

What I have discovered since launching this site is that most of my thoughts regarding how people would react were magnified in my own mind. Some of my close friends have reached out to me since finding out I was single, and it was nothing like I imagined. It came more so in the form of support and prayers. They were very understanding, encouraging and very supportive of my blog.

My preconceived thoughts were merely a distraction that was being used to hinder the flow. To get me to back down or abandon this vision. And even if there are those who feel negatively about the situation, it’s okay. They are entitled to feel how they feel. But I can’t let their thoughts interfere with the vision. I’m so thankful that God continued to encourage this vision. And I’m so glad I listened. I truly enjoy being used by him through this website. Relationships have always been my passion, and it is so fulfilling to minister in this area.

So I encourage all to never allow your own feelings, worries, insecurities or whatever the cause, hinder you from moving forward with something God has placed within you. Never allow the negative voices to talk you out of your ministry, calling or blessing. They are distractions put in place to stop your momentum. DON’T allow them to. With each step of obedience, there will be more instructions and blessings. Doors of provision, guidance, blessings and more are unlocked when you are obedient and follow his plan. Being stagnant hinders God from flowing and moving as he desires in and through you. So take the limits off!

I pray you all have a very blessed day! I pray that you were encouraged and uplifted. I pray you examine your hearts and allow God to free you  in the areas you need to be freed!  Start this year off liberated and ready to flow in God’s will for your life! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts. I love you all! Many Blessings!

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