Happy New Year’s Eve Loved Ones!!! I am so excited about this upcoming year and I hope you all are as well! In years past I usually brought in the New Year at church or with my family. But this year will be a little different. My babies are still spending time with their Father, so it looks like it’s just me this year. No meltdown this time. Well…maybe I shed a tear or two. But it was only because I miss them!

I did have the option of hanging out with one of my sister’s and her family for New Year’s Eve. She was so sweet to invite me over. But I decided I was going to let it just be me and God. Yes, I have a date with the Father and I’m so excited about it. I bet some of y’all clicked on this blog post so fast! She going on a date!! No..no…not that kind of date, but a date all the same. I just felt like God desired to spend some time with his beloved this New Year’s Eve. And it’s going to be amazing!

So how will I bring in the New Year? Will I be filling my notebook with New Years Resolutions? Will I be putting together a vision board?  No, I can’t say that those activities are on my New Year’s Eve agenda. I’m not a New Year’s resolution kind of gal. I prefer to set spiritual goals that draw me closer to him. Goals that keep me on track and moving forward regarding his will and purpose for my life. In doing so, every area of my life is impacted. I prefer to allow him to lead and guide me as I seek him each day. I also set goals regarding my family life, vision/purpose and so forth to ensure that I honor God in those areas as well.

Now being that this is a singles blog there was no way I could not offer any words of wisdom regarding singles and the New Year. As previously stated in a current blog post, holidays can be tough for some singles. If you are not choosing to view things from God’s perspective they can take you to a lonely place So don’t go there…pray it off!!

It’s no surprise that at the top of most singles 2018 prayer list, is the desire to find that special someone. And that’s perfectly fine. Just be sure you don’t forget to add that God continue to prepare you for that gift. The two go hand in hand. With that being said, how can we as single believers bring in the New Year in a way that sets the tone for the year and continues to prepare us for the gift?

As mentioned, I have chosen to spend some one on one time with the Father this New Year’s Eve. I will have my word, praise/worship music, my journal, sparkling grape juice, snacks and the expectancy that God is going to say and release some powerful words for the upcoming year. I am so excited about it too y’all. And by the way nobody better be laughing and judging me for my sparkling grape juice. I found a really good one today! I found this apple, mango grape mix…oh my! So many varieties to choose from. I digress! HA!

If you are not going to church or hanging out with family, I highly recommend you spending some alone time with the Father to hear what he has to say concerning you and the upcoming year. So many people get caught up on vision boards, resolutions and expressing what they want for the year. Have we not considered that it might be more profitable to sit at the Father’s feet and see what he has to say about the upcoming year. He knows what the future holds and it is HE who can best guide and instruct us.

In no way am I implying that vision boards, resolutions and things of that nature are harmful. They can be very beneficial when utilized the correct way. I’m just suggesting that we not lose sight of who is really in control. We have to be careful not to be so “I” focused, that we can’t hear what God is saying and what he desires for us. He knows our every desire, our dreams and our goals. So we can trust him. In fact if we are walking closely with him, our vision and goals line up with that which he placed within us to bring him glory. Proverbs 19:21 states, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.“ Seeking his plan for your life eliminates wasting time and sets you on your path to true fulfillment in him.

With all that being said, that explains my excitement regarding spending time with my Lord this New Year’s Eve. I am excited to praise and worship him. I am excited about my prayer time with him. I am ecstatic to fill my journal with his words and wisdom concerning the upcoming year. Feel free to join me!

Now I know by now you must be questioning if I plan to do anything pertaining to my singleness as I enter the New Year. After all this is a blog about allowing God to write our loves stories. Relationships are my passion, so how could I not? As I stilled myself and asked God to give me ideas on what I could do on New Year’s Eve that demonstrated my trust and faith in him regarding him sending the one, two ideas came to mind.

The first idea was to write my first letter of many letters to my future husband. I can’t even began to express my excitement when that idea came. I so enjoy writing. Letters happen to be one of my favorite things to write! I will be purchasing a cute little box that will house all my future husband letters. These letters will be a collection of my thoughts, prayers for him and things that are going on in my life. Whatever God lays on my heart I will be sharing with him in these letters. Just think how amazing it would be to receive a box full of letters from your new wife or husband on your wedding day. I’m a firm believer in God’s timing and know that the contents of the letters and the prayers within will be timely in that it will be just what was needed at that time. And I encourage you all to join me if you feel led. Men this is for you as well. I’m sure your future wives would love to receive a box of letters from you. We really enjoy letters, at least I do. It would be awesome to know your thoughts, your prayers concerning your future wife and so on.

The second idea that was impressed upon my heart was that of keeping an album of all that God does throughout the year. I’m trying to think of an awesome title for mine. It hasn’t hit me yet. This may not appear to be all that focused on singles preparing for the one. But as I often share, finding the one starts with us. Becoming a better you, goes a long way when you meet the one. So stay with me. This album would contain answered prayers, blessings, milestones, gifts etc. Every good thing that God does will be placed in this book so that at the end of the year I can look back and examine the answered prayers, the growth, the many blessings, etc. You don’t even have to wait till the end of the year. If you are having a challenging day, pop open that book and get a dose of just how good God is. What a way to strengthen one’s faith and to cause them to always be mindful of his many blessings and hand in our lives. And something is telling me that a lot of you who choose to join me in the constructing of this Blessing Album, will find that their album includes the meeting of the ONE whom your heart has waited for. Go ahead and praise him in advance. I’ll wait!!!

A third idea, that I just decided to add to my New Year’s Eve agenda is that of making a physical prayer closet. I’m pretty sure most of you have heard the term, prayer closet. It simply means praying to God in private. Our hearts and motives are in the right place and we are not praying for praise or attention from anyone. It’s our own personal prayer time with the Father. Well my Mom actually had a physical prayer closet and it was full of pictures of family, prayers, scripture and pictures she had drawn of visions God would give her. I would often go and sit in her prayer closet and even now the presence of God is still so strong in that place. Even now! I recently purchased a book on prayer and felt compelled to make my own physical prayer closet. So that is something I also plan to do today and I am very excited about it.

Maintaing a fervent prayer life is essential for Singles. We have to pray for direction, focus and discernment. We have to constantly seek guidance regarding our growth, preparation and making wise choices. So make it a priority to spend even more time in those prayer closets. It pays off! James 5:16 states, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availath much.” You have to maintain passion when you pray.  Trust and Know that your fervent prayer will yield results. You are breaking ground. Your prayers are being heard. And they will manifest!!! 

Feel free to utilize these ideas this New Year’s Eve as well. If not for today, utilize them in the following days. I am confident they will yield results that will be prosperous and a blessing to you, and those you encounter. Well there you have it. I just wanted to write this special New Years Eve blog to encourage you to spend time in reflection, prayer and Thanksgiving. To encourage you to spend time with the Father to inquire about how he would have you start off this New Year.

I truly believe our best is yet to come! I truly believe he has great things ahead for you if you stay close to him and trust him. My expectancy is high for this upcoming year. It’s high because his love for me causes me to know in my heart that there is much he desires to do in this upcoming year. I know because he constantly reveals his promises in my heart. I know because he is true to his word, and he loves me with an everlasting love. God’s love is EVERYTHING. And because I realize that,, he has promised to send one that has his heart, his character and has prayed and waited for me. So be encouraged Singles. Find joy in the journey! Learn from the lessons of 2017! Grow! Build! Stay in Position! Pray! Prepare!

I am so excited to hear about all God is doing in your lives. I invite all who read these blog posts to share your thoughts, concerns and questions in the comment section. I would so enjoy hearing from you. Share how you brought in the New Year and what you plan to do to continue to position and prepare yourself for his gift. I love you all! Many Blessings!

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